Birth to 1 year

3-6month babyListening & Understanding

Birth – 3 months

  • Startles to loud sounds
  • Smiles or becomes quiet when spoken to
  • Appears to recognise your voice
  • Makes eye contact with you

3-6 months

  • Moves eyes to the direction of sounds
  • Responds to changes in the tone of your voice
  • Notices toys that makes sounds

7 months – 1 year

  • Enjoys games like peek-a-boo
  • Turns and looks in the direction of sounds
  • Listens when spoken to
  • Recognises words for common things (eg cup, shoe, drink)
  • Begins to follow simple requests (eg “come here” “want more?”
  • Responds to their own name


birth to 1 year


Birth – 3 months

  • Makes pleasure sounds (eg cooing, gooing)
  • Cries differently for different needs
  • Smiles when they see you

3 – 6 months

  • Laughs and chuckles
  • Makes noises for excitement and displeasure
  • Makes gurgling sounds
  • Babbling sounds that may include sounds of p, b and m

7 months – 1 year

  • Increased babbling  using more sounds (eg d, m, n, h, w, t)
  • Babbling sounds are made in sequence (eg baba)
  • Uses speech or non-crying sounds to get attention
  • Uses gesture to communicate (eg waving, holding arms to be picked up)
  • Imitates different speech sounds
  • Has one or two words (eg mumma, dog, dada) but these may not be clear

Remember: This not a comprehensive list & does not replace assessment by a speech language pathologist. It should be used as a guide only

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