How do I make an appointment with Flourish?
To make an appointment at Flourish Speech Pathology, simply telephone 0437 753 964

How much does it cost to attend Flourish?
Please contact Flourish on phone  0437 753 964  to discuss our fee schedule.
Our fee schedule reflects our commitment to provide high quality speech pathology services at an affordable price and is periodically reviewed.

Do I need a referral from a doctor to attend Flourish?
No, you do not need a referral from a doctor to attend an appointment at Flourish. Anyone can self-refer to a private speech pathologist– just ring our Bundaberg office to speak to our Speech Pathologist and make an appointment. Parents, teachers and health professionals can also refer to Flourish (but of course, only with your permission).

Is there any government funding available for me to access speech pathology services?
Yes, there is some government funding to help children access speech pathology services. Please look at our funding options page to determine if your child is eligible for any of this funding.

Can I claim speech pathology services through my private health insurance?
Families who have private health cover may be entitled to a rebate for speech pathology services. Please check with your private health insurance provider to determine if you are covered for speech pathology services.

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