2 to 3 years

2 to 3 year oldsListening & Understanding

  • Understands & follows two stage commands (“Get your hat and put it in your bag”)
  • Understands opposites such as hot / cold, stop / go, in / on and nice / yucky.
  • Knows basic body parts (eg nose, eyes, foot, hand, mouth)
  • Knows basic clothing items (eg shoes, shirt, hat etc)
  • Understands me, my and your


  • Talking
  • Has a word for almost everything
  • Uses 2-3 words when speaking
  • Can ask for objects or direct your attention by naming them (eg cow!) or its attributes (eg Big!) or by commenting (wow!)
  • Asks why questions
  • Can say a range of speech sounds (eg p, b, m, t, d, n, h, w, ng)
  • At least 50% of what the child says should be understood


Remember: This not a comprehensive list & does not replace assessment by a speech language pathologist. It should be used as a guide only

Download load the checklist and have it handy when you call Flourish Speech Pathology to discuss your child’s speech therapy needs: 2 to 3 years communication checklist

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