1 to 2 years

Listening & Understanding

  • responds appropriately to “no” or “stop”
  • understands words for family, pets or things (eg mum, ball, where’s daddy? etc)
  • follows simple commands (“Push the bus!”, “Don’t touch; it’s hot!”)
  • understands simple questions (“Where’s the bunny?”, “Who likes cake?”, “What’s in your bag?”).
  • likes listening to simple stories
  • points to pictures in books when named

1 year old boys running


  • Uses at least single words
  • Vocabulary is developing rapidly &  is learning new words all the time
  • Beginning to combine 2 words such as “where ball?” “More push” “want drink”
  • Words are becoming clearer for familiar listeners
  • More sounds are used at the beginning of words


Remember: This not a comprehensive list & does not replace assessment by a speech language pathologist. It should be used as a guide only

Download load the checklist and have it handy when you call Flourish Speech Pathology to discuss your child’s speech therapy needs: 1 to 2 years







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